Testimonies of patients who have used Isla Calma during the treatment:

  • “Normally I am quite nervous at the dentist, I bind the hands, tense the legs… this time I have felt much more relaxed. I have felt the experience quite short”. Luis Javier – 39 years old
  • “Very nice, I have spent the time watching the sea, it is great because just watching the sea I have spent the intervention much more relaxed” Iluminada – 55 years old
  • “Complete Entertainment, just a small walkthrough around the Island has been useful for me, I have not noticed the implant or the surgery” Reyes - 50 years old
  • “It Works, hey, it Works!!! The experience has been much more pleasant than usual!!” Maria – 60 years old
  • “The first thing I did was to approach the cliff and see what was there! I loved Waring the feet through the water, the sound is very relaxing. You are not aware if you are going to feel any pain, because you are attending the game task.” Ana – 39 years old