For the patient:

  • Reduces feeling cramped.
  • Increase involvement and motivation regarding treatment.
  • The patient has a goal to achieve, collecting stones is perceived as a challenge.
  • It is a software designed for people of all ages.
  • The patient will know at all times what needs to be done, the patient does not need to interact with the clinician.
  • Music, landscape and animals help the person to be more relaxed during the intervention and thus it is possible for professionals to work in a more effective and faster way.
  • Glasses allow either complete isolation of the patients, or may let them see what is going on around them.


For the professional:

  • The virtual walkthrough lasts around 3 hours and can be interrupted and restarted at any time, even in separate clinical sessions.
  • If patients use Isla Calma it is not necessary that professionals invest time in attending patients’ fear to treatment or interventions.
  • Materials are easy to wear and easy to use.
  • Materials are light and easy portable from one to another consultation room.
  • The controller allows the person “walking without moving”, in a way that does not prevent the correct development of the intervention.
  • 3D glasses are very comfortable and small, so the patient is familiarized with them and they do not interfere with the treatment.