Isla Calma

ISLA CALMA is a relaxing, interactive, virtual environment, designed to distract from painful, anxiogenic or stressful situations.

The wide experience of Nesplora in research and development of applications for the study and treatment of human behaviour make Isla Calma the perfect system for our patients to relax during the clinical consultation.

Isla Calma is a nice and pleasant place to visit, the patient will have the chance to visit special places like the Hill of the Stones, the ancestral tree, the Japanese Garden, the monoliths of the sea, the waterfall, the dam, the garden of tulips and many more.

It is not just a simple videogame or a film, but an interactive environment created exclusively for implicating the patient’s attention and does not cause sudden movements during interventions. In addition, it does not require from the patient any action that may interfere with the clinician’s work.


Isla Calma is used in:

  • Dental clinics: for people with fear to dentist or who prefer to distract while receiving the intervention.
  • Pain and chronic treatment units: as a training technique for pain distraction much more effective than imagination.

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  • Reduces feeling cramped.
  • Increase involvement and motivation regarding treatment.
  • The patient has a goal to achieve, collecting stones is perceived as a challenge.
  • It is a software designed for people of all ages.

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In 82% of the people who received dental intervention together with ISLA CALMA, a significant reduction of anxiety and fear linked to dental intervention is shown. This variables are measured as: fear to the consultation, fear to the instruments and fear to the procedures.

On the contrary, people NOT receiving dental treatment with ISLA CALMA, levels of anxiety and fear maintain.

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Many specialized centres trust Isla Calma to improve the experience of their patients.

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  • “Very nice, I have spent the time watching the sea, it is great because just watching the sea I have spent the intervention much more relaxed” Iluminada – 55 years old
  • “Complete Entertainment, just a small walkthrough around the Island has been useful for me, I have not noticed the implant or the surgery” Reyes - 50 years old
  • “The first thing I did was to approach the cliff and see what was there! I loved Waring the feet through the water, the sound is very relaxing. You are not aware if you are going to feel any pain, because you are attending the game task.” Ana – 39 years old
  • “It Works, hey, it Works!!! The experience has been much more pleasant than usual!!” Maria – 60 years old